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"We had just replaced our carpet in our home when our ac went out. The unit was bad and we had to replace everything inside. Oasis did the work and was very careful and clean which was a huge worry for me with the new carpet. They made as little mess as possible and even cleaned up the hallway when done. A lot of companies leave that for you to clean up, I was very impressed and grateful. Would recommend them any time."

"Our AC went out at 7PM one evening, so we called Oasis. The technician said he was finishing up a call and said he that he would be there soon. He arrived within the hour and got us up and running quickly. We later found out he had been on the other job for 12 hrs that day and was supposed to be going home but he said he didn't want our family to not have AC all night in the 100 degree weather so he took care of our family before he went home to his, that's what I call service and that's why we don't ever call on anyone but Oasis."

"We had a huge concert coming up in two weeks and seven AC units in the building went down within days of each other. Oasis came in, ordered units and had them installed and running just in time for the concert.  They even worked with us on the price since it was such a large and unexpected expense to us. They will be the only ones to ever work on our units!"


​​​​​"Fast friendly service at a very reasonable cost. They showed up found the problem quickly and had it fixed within the hour. The technician even explained the problem and showed us how to prevent it from happening again. Would highly recommend these folks."


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Here at Oasis Heating and Cooling, family is paramount ever since the opening of our company in 2004.  We strive to provide the upmost professional service while making you feel like a friend is doing you a favor. Not only do we pride ourselves on service to our customers, we take the time to get to know them and will go the extra mile because we want all of our customers to always know they can depend on us.